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Welcome to a wiki for my ongoing work.

Conference Reports

March 2019 Modelling Cultural Processes is my report about a retreat at the NII Shonan Village Center.
August 2018 Replaying Japan 2018 is my report about Replaying Japan 2018 in Nottingham, UK.
July 2018 DiGRA 2018 is my report on the Di GRA? conference in Turin, Italy.
June 2018 DH 2018 is my report on the Digital Humanities 2018 conference in Mexico City.
May- June 2018 CHCI 2018 is my report on the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes conference at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
May- June 2018 CSDH-SCHN 2018 and CGSA 2018 is my report on the CSDH/SCHN 2018 followed by CGSA 2018 in Regina.
May 2018 Re-Imagining Education in an Automating World conference on the Philosophy of Education at George Brown College.
February 2018 Digital Cultures, Big Data and Society meeting in Dublin.
October 2017 Text Mining the Novel meeting in Montréal.
August 2017 Replaying Japan 2017 is my report on the Replaying Japan conference in Rochester, New York.
August 2017 DH 2017 is my report on DH 2017 at Mc Gill? University.
May-June 2017 CSDH-SCHN 2017 is my report on CSDH 2017 at Congress at Ryerson University, Toronto.
May 2017 Digital Narratives Around the World 2017 is my report on Digital Narratives Around the World: A Symposium on the Global Encounters of Computing and Storytelling here at the University of Alberta.
March 2017 HuCon 2017 is my report on the Humanities Computing 2017 student conference here at the University of Alberta.
November 2016 2016 Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science is my report on this colloquium at the University of Illinois, Chicago.
October 2016 Access 2016 is my report on the "Access 2016", a conference at the University of New Brunswick.
September 2016 Instant History is my report on the "Instant History 2016", a conference at Loyola Chicago.
August 2016 Replaying Japan 2016 is my report on the "Replaying Japan 2016"
July 2016 Culture and Technology is my report on the "Culture & Technology" - The European Summer University in Digital Humanities.
July 2016 DH 2016 is my report on the Digital Humanities 2016 conference in Krakow.
May/June 2016 CSDH-CGSA 2016 is my report on the CSDH/SCHN 2016 followed by CGSA 2016.
March 2016 Verona 2015 is my report on the Final Conference Del Laboratorio Di Informatica Umanistica help in Verona.
November 2015 ReFig 2015 is my report on the Re-Figuring Innovation in Games workshop in Toronto.
October 2015 Digital Humanities Concepts 2015 is my report on the DH-Concepts conference at Darmstadt.
October 2015 Text Mining the Novel 2015 is a collection of notes from the novelTM meeting in Montreal.
August 2015 Digital Pedagogy Institute is my report DP Institute 2015 in Toronto.
June - July 2015 DH 2015 is my report Digital 2015 in Sydney.
May - June 2015 Congress 2015 is my report CSDH/SCHN and CGSA 2015 in Ottawa.
May 2015 Replaying Japan 2015 is my report on the 3rd International Japanese Game Studies Conference.
April 2015 Éditorialisation et Nouvelles Formes de Publication is my report on a symposium organized at the U. de Montréal.
April 2015 Northwestern Computational Research Day is my report on a symposium organized by the Northwestern University Information Technology unit
March 2015 Science 2.0 is my report on the conference organized by the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and others
February 2015 Press Start is my report on the UBC conference on Japanese video games
September 2014 Advances in Visual Methods for Linguistics is my report on the AVML Conference in Tuebingen.
September 2014 Experimental Interfaces 2014 is my report on the INKE Conference at the Illinois Institute for Design, Chicago.
August 2014 Replaying Japan 2014 is my report on the 2nd International Japan Game Studies Conference at the University of Alberta.
August 2014 Exploiting Text is my report on a workshop at Waterloo in honour of Frank Tompa.
July 2014 Dagstuhl on Computer Humanities Digital Science is my report on a retreat.
July 2014 DH 2014 is my report on DH 2014 at Lausanne, Switzerland.
June 2014 CHCI 2014 is my report on the CHCI 2014 conference at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
May 2014 CSDH-SCHN 2014 is my report on the CSDH-SCHN 2014 conference at Brock University.
May 2014 GRAND 2014 is my report on the GRAND 2014 conference in Ottawa.
May 2014 ACFAS 2014 is my report on this one day session on "Repenser le numérique au 21e siècle" that was part of the larger ACFAS Conference.
April 2014 International Ethics Roundtable 2014: Information Ethics and Global Citizenship is my report on this conference in Edmonton.
April 2014 1st Inaugural Texas Digital Humanities Conference is my report on this conference in Houston.
February 2014 Building Partnerships to Transform Scholarly Publishing is my report on the INKE gathering in Whistler.
January 2014 Digital Infrastructure Summit 2014 is my report on the digital research infrastructure summit organized by the DI Leadership Council.
December 2013 Grad Student Mini-Conference on the Digital Humanities is my report on a small conference at McGill.
September 2013 Digital Environmental Humanities Network is my report on a workshop at McGill.
July 2013 Digital Humanities 2013 is my conference report on the dh2013 conference.
July 2013 Social, Digital, Scholarly Editing is my conference report on the SDSE conference.
June 2013 Canadian Society for Digital Humanities and Canadian Game Studies Association is my conference report on the CSDH/SCHN and CGSA meetings at Congress.
May 2013 Around the World Symposium on Digital Culture is my conference report on the internet event.
May 2013 Japanese Game Studies 2013 is my conference report on the International Conference on Japan Game Studies 2013 conference in Kyoto.
May 2013 Canada 3.0 and GRAND 2013 is a report on the overlapping Canada 3.0 conference and GRAND 2013 conference.
April 2013 DCA 2013 are links to a report and slides on the Digital Classics Association meeting.
January 2013 MLA 2013 are my notes about some events I was part of at the MLA in 2013.
July 2012 DH 2012 is the Digital Humanities conference in Hamburg.
June 2012 CUCCIO 2012 Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers.
May 2012 SEMI 2012 Society for Digital Humanities 2012.
May 2012 GRAND 2012 The third GRAND conference.
April 2012 Digitization Day 2012 Our second annual Digitization Day
November 2011 Tokyo DH Symposium 2011 Symposium on The Establishment of a Knowledge Infrastructure for the Next Generation and the Mission of Digital Humanities
November 2011 DH-JAC 2011 The 2nd International Symposium on Digital Humanities for Japanese Arts and Cultures in Kyoto, Japan.
November 2011 INKE: Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in a Digital Age: Text and Beyond Birds of a Feather conference for INKE in Kyoto, Japan.
October 2011 Culture and Computing 2011 Conference report on Culture and Computing 2011 conference in Kyoto, Japan.
July 2011 From Metadata to Linked Data Workshop notes on the workshop held at Trinity College, Dublin.
June 2011 Digging Into Data Challenge 2011 Conference notes on the Digging Into Data conference in Washington.
May/June 2011 SDH-SEMI 2011 Conference notes on the SDH/SEMI 2011 conference at Congress.
May 2011 GRAND 2011 Conference Conference notes about the GRAND network conference.
March 2011 DHO: A Vision of Digital Humanities in Ireland Where do we go from here? A conference at the Royal Irish Academy organized by the Digital Humanities Observatory
March 2011 HuCon 2011 at the University of Alberta
December 2010 Digitization Day at the University of Alberta
November 2010 Montréal International Game Summit? in Montreal
July 2010 centerNet 2010 at King's College, London.
Older Conference Reports I have moved conference reports for older events into this page.

Short Essays in Progress

A collection of short essays. Some are drafts and some are just reflections.

Responding to Surfdom: A response to the Matthew Reisz THE article “Surfdom”
Inclusion in the Digital Humanities: A reflection on perceptions of inclusion in the digital humanities.
Institutions in the Digital Humanities: A short reflection on the capacity of institutions to scale to support digital humanities across Canada.
"His Rock is His Thing: Playing with the Myth of Sisyphus, One Interactive Button, and the Flicker of the Baroque" is an essay on Sisyphus and Play in the neonBaroque Age.
What is Infrastructure? is an essay on models for what infrastructure is and how it applies to humanities computing.
Computing with the Infrastructure at Hand is an idea about what we could do with nothing and why we need to think that way.
The Scale of Silos is an incomplete reflection on the meme that we have a problem of silos.
The extraordinary effectiveness of words: A draft of an essay on how words work so well in English for interpretative tools.
Theoretical Issues in Humanities Computing: A collection of theoretical issues emerging from a course on the subject.

Draft Documents

Big Data Ethics Readings is a list of documents, media stories, and links around big data and ethics.
Japanese Game Culture (Not Maintained) is a curated collection of links to resources for the study of Japanese game culture and game studies. It is in the very early stages of development.
MLA Digital Work is a project I am involved in to develop materials to help with the evaluation of digital work in the humanities.
The Academic Capacity of the Digital Humanities in Canada is a draft report for the Society of Digital Humanities.
A Creative Culture is an outline of an idea about the importance of creativity and imagination across human endeavors.
Computers and Education is an outline of an essay about the uses of computers in higher education.
A CenterNet Portal is a discussion document put together on the need for a humanities portal. This document is a summary of a discussion held online that I coordinated. It was in preparation for a panel in Oulu at DH 2008.
CenterNet Internships is a discussion document on possible internships for centerNet.
Voyant Experiments

Other Documents

Introduction to Voyant is a workshop outline for introducing folk to Voyant.
Research Assistant Guide is a document to help those working with me as a Research Assistant
Writing Abstracts in the Digital Humanities is a short guide to writing conference proposals in the digital humanities
Quick Guide to Working in Teams is a short guide to working in teams and how to deal with problems (Note: this is in progress)
To Do for Wiki is a page about this wiki and what I am working on.
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