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The Evaluation of Digital Work

This area is for an ongoing project by members of the MLA Committee on Information Technology. We are experimenting with a wiki as a way of developing materials to assist in the evaluation of digital work for tenure and promotion.

Note: This site has now been taken on by the MLA with other interested parties. That version should be consulted for the most up-to-date version. See MLA Evaluation Wiki (note this link has been updated. The general MLA wiki is at .)

Some of the resources developed are:

  • Types of Digital Work - A list of types of academic digital work with thoughts as to how they might be presented for evaluation and how they might then be evaluated.
  • Short Guide to Evaluation of Digital Work - A list of questions evaluators can ask about digital work being assessed for tenure and promotion.
  • Stories - A collection of fictional and real cases with suggestions as to how these cases might be prepared and evaluated.
  • Documenting a New Media Case - A section for candidates on documents to gather and language to use to prepare your case. Unifinished
  • Frequently Asked Questions about job seeking in digital fields. Unfinished
  • Links and Bibliography about the evaluation of digital work. Unfinished
  • To Do is a list of things to do to improve this.



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