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Many Science-Fiction Novels

Science Fiction Novels by Author

Baciagalupi, Paolo

  • 2009 - The Windup Girl - Briliant climate fiction book that takes place in Thailand about attempts to secure a rare seedbank.
  • 2015 - The Water Knife - Another brilliant novel about fighting over water between semi-independent states in the USA West.

Brin, David

  • The Postman, 1997. A man puts on the jacket of a postman and starts bringing news and hope to a a post-apocalyptic dystopia.

Chiang, Ted

  • Stories of Your Life and Others, 2002. Collection of stories including one about a world of golems. The main story "Story of Your Life" became the story of the film Arrival.
  • Exhalation: Stories, 2019. Great selection of stories. "Exhalation" is a fascinating story of a mechanical person who opens his head and realizes their world is going to run out of compressed air. Entropy - everything is running down. "The Lifecycle of Software Objects" is an important story about software pets that are designed to evolve and a set of people who take care of them and they begin to show some intelligence. Suggests that software will need to be raised like children to be human like in intelligence. Deals also with issues like autonomy of A Is?.

Forester, E.M.

  • The Machine Stops, 1909. World where everyone lives in pods underground fed by a machine that starts to fall apart. Kuno, tells his mother about escaping to the surface.

Gibson, William

Sprawl Trilogy

  • Neuromancer, 1984. Book that coined the word "cyberspace". Henry Case, a washed up hacker up against an AI with Molly the samurai. He ends up freeing the AI Wintermute to join its other half Neuromancer and they migrate out to find others like them. Lots of images of a cyberpunk Japan.
  • Count Zero, 1986.
  • Mona Lisa Overdrive, 1988

Bridge trilogy:

  • Virtual Light (1993)
  • Idoru (1996) At the end a virtual idol (idoru) gets married.
  • All Tomorrow's Parties

Blue Ant trilogy (Hubertus Bigend):

  • Pattern Recognition (2003)
  • Spook Country (2007)
  • Zero History (2010)

Peripheral trilogy

  • The Peripheral (2014)
  • Agency (2020)

Hamilton, Peter F.

Great British space opera author.

  • Salvation. Great story about the encounter with a species that wants to save us and take us to the end. Mankind discovers they aren't so friendly. There are parallel stories include one line in the future of a culture training groups of children to fight the aliens who are harvesting other species.
  • Salvation Lost and Saints of Salvation

Matheson, Richard

  • 1954 - I Am Legend tells the story of Neville who has barricaded his house against a pandemic of vampires who come out at night. He is the last man. Eventually he meets a woman who he thinks is alive, but she leaves him and tells him that she is one a new breed of vampires who are rebuilding a new society and killing all the dead vampires. It ends when he realizes that to this new society he is a legend - the last non-vampire.

Spuford, Francis

  • 2010 - Red Plenty a fascinating fictionalized history of the Soviet planned economy. It shows through believable stories why the planned system didn't work, but also gives us a sense of that moment when it was competitive with capitalism and could have been different. Not sure this is science fiction; perhaps economic fiction.

Vandemeer, Jeff

One of the best cli-fi writers. Best known for The Southern Reach trilogy.

  • 2018 - "Strange Bird" is a novella in the same world as Borne. It follows a genetically manipulated bird after it escapes from a lab trying to get back to another lab where its creator's lover/friend is.
  • 2017 - Borne: A Novel takes place in a ruined city where a scavenger finds a creature Borne in the fur of a mutant bear Mord. It deals with genetic engineering and ecology.

Wright, Lawrence

  • 2020 - The End of October is about a plague in the near future that in many ways sounds like a deadlier version of Covid-19. Good plague novel.



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