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To Do For Wiki

To Do for this Wiki

  • Line up body of wiki with header - done
  • Connect the main site
  • Work out main headings
  • Provide a better introduction


  • Preloading images needs to work - done
  • I need to create proper accounts for editing
  • Need to have the vast white space on the left sidebar removed. Keep it close to the left side of the screen. - done
  • Move search to the top - done
  • Need to make word cloud work...working on it...
  • Try to find fix for the moveabletype images from notes/images - done


  • Need to make header lineup with right side of text -done
  • Change sidebar right to right justification - done
  • change heasder to remove the vertical line on highlight -done
  • Have underline work on and -done

Stuff to finish at some point

Untitled Number 8: Gaming the Republic: A dialogue with Stephen Ramsay and Geoffrey Rockwell.



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