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Game Related Phenomena

Game culture is about more than just the games and hardware platforms. For that matter the Japanese don't consume games by themselves, but often are fans of a franchise. Often games will be made from popular manga or vice versa (like Pokemon). Understanding Japanese game culture means understanding the popular cultural phenomena of which games are a part. Here are some of the related phenomena:

Anime (animation)

Japanese animation is a major cultural export and large part of the Japanese film business. Along with manga it is closely tied with games in that successful anime will be made into games and vice versa.

Manga (comics)

Cosplay (Costume Play)

Cosplay (short for Costume Play) is a popular activity where people wear the costumes of their favorite manga/anime/game characters and pose for photographs.

Dolls and Figures

Doujinshi (fan published media)

Hentai or erotic media



Documentaries, Movies, and Novels about Gaming in General

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