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Japanese Game Culture

Introduction to this Japanese Game Culture (JGC) site

This wiki is in the early stages of development. In other words it has almost nothing in it. I am trying to organize the materials I have come across on the web here both for my own sake and for others. Come back in a few months. In the meantime see my blog entries on Japanese game culture. For more about me see About Geoffrey Rockwell.

Japanese games and platforms

Lists of Japanese games and Japanese gaming platforms?

Game related phenomena

To understand JGC you need to understand the related phenomena like Manga, Anime, Cosplay and so on.

Blogs about Japan and other sources of news and articles

A great source of information about Japanese culture can be found in the blogs maintained by foreigners in Japan.

Gaming sites with content about Japan

Important game sites like Kotaku have columns or stories about gaming in Japan.

Pachinko and gambling games

Pachinko arcades are in every neighborhood in Japan. It is a legalized form of gambling of interest as it links to videogame culture.

Places and Game Centers

If you visit Japan you should visit places like Akihabara or a Game Center? (arcade.)


Information about some of the events in the annual calendar around gaming like Comiket.

Japanese Game Industry

Information about game companies, industry and government.

Researching Japanese Games

Here I discuss researching Japanese video games.

Topics in Japanese Game Studies

List of topics specific to Japanese game studies


List of Japanese words with definitions and links

Courses about JGC

Readings about JGC and other resources

Here I list some of the more useful readings and academic sources I have come across like the journal Mechademia.

Game studies in Japan?

Game studies in Japan is an emerging field as it gains legitimacy.

People involved in JGC

A list of people worth reading or following.

General Information about Japanese Culture

Japanese games are not isolated. It helps to learn more about Japanese culture in general.


Use Google Translate for Japanese pages.

This research was supported by the Japan Foundation, the Art Research Center of Ritsumeikan University, the University of Alberta and the GRAND research project.



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