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Older Conference Reports

Older Conference Reports

June 2010 Digital Humanities Summer Institute 2010 at the University of Victoria.
May-June 2010 Society for Digital Humanities - SEMI: our annual Society conference.
May 2010 Mind the Gap: A Multidisciplinary workshop bridging the gap between High Performance Computing and the Humanities: a workshop bringing together teams working on prototyping HPC research applications in the humanities.
April 2010 Playing with History: a conference will focussing on the use of interactive technologies in history teaching and learning.
February 2010 ShapeOfThings: The Shape of Things, University of Virginia
February 2010 HuCon 2010: Current Graduate Research in Humanities Computing in Edmonton
October 2009 Digital Humanities and Computer Science colloquium at IIT in Chicago.
October 2009 American Association of Corpus Linguistics at the University of Alberta
October 2009 York Symposium at York University
September 2009 Tools for Collaborative Scholarly Editing over the Web at the University of Birmingham
June 2009 Digital Humanities 2009 held at the University of Maryland
June 2009 Interacting with Immersive Worlds, 2009 held at Brock University.
May 2009 Society of Digital Humanities - SEMI 2009: Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences, May 2009
May 2009 World's Apart: World Social Science Forum
April 2009 Present, Paper, and Party: Forum for pre-presentations of conference papers
February 2009 Beyond Analogue: Current Graduate Research in Humanities Computing
January 2009 Pathways to SEASR in Urbana-Champaign
October 2008 Tools for Data-Driven Scholarship in Maryland
October 2008 CaSTA 2008 at the University of Saskatchewan
June 2008 Society for Digital Humanities (SDH/SEMI) at the University of British Columbia
May 2008 Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria
May 2008 New Horizons Conference at the University of Virginia
May 2008: iMatter Workshop summary. This was prepared by Stacey Wheal.
April 2008: Digital Humanities and High Performance Computing is a page for a workshop I helped organize for SHARCNET. See the updated report on the SHARCNET wiki.
December 2007 Open Communities is a web page for a MLA Session I have organized for Chicago on "Open Digital Communities".



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